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Airport Michigan


Soar Above the Competition with Business Aviation

In the fast-paced world of business, time is not just money—it's the currency of success. With a corporate aircraft at your command, you unlock unparalleled potential for growth and efficiency.


Our bespoke aviation solutions provide an altitude of advantages that ground-bound competitors simply cannot match.

Master Time Management: Your schedule is the heartbeat of your enterprise. A corporate aircraft is your time machine, transforming hours spent in airport lounges into minutes of seamless transition from ground to sky.

Elevate Your Productivity: The cabin of your corporate jet becomes a sky-high office, a sanctuary where strategies are refined and deals are sealed, all while cruising above the clouds.

Trim Overnight Costs: Say farewell to the needless expenditure on transient hotels. With the ability to attend multiple meetings across different cities in one day, your business trips are as compact as they are impactful.

Streamline Your Itineraries: Access to smaller airports places you closer to your final destination. This means you can be in and out of meetings quicker, making your business's presence truly global and more agile than ever.

Experience the freedom to cultivate your business's future with wings that take you further, faster, and with more flexibility. Embrace the sky as your marketplace and let every journey chart a course to success.

Airport Michigan

Our premium hangar rentals provide a secure and spacious environment for your aircraft. Choose from two convenient sizes featuring 40ft to 44ft doors to accommodate a variety of aircraft dimensions. Each hangar is designed to offer the protection and accessibility you require.

  • T-Hangars: Perfectly suited for individual aircraft owners, our T-Hangars offer a compact and cost-effective solution.

  • Availability: We are currently at full capacity, reflecting the high demand for our exceptional hangar services. However, opportunities open regularly.

  • Waiting List: Don't miss out—ensure your aircraft's spot by joining our waiting list. 

Hangar Rentals

For those looking for a more permanent solution, our hangar ground leases present an ideal opportunity. As these plots are county-owned, they offer the stability and assurance of a long-term investment.

Inquiries: To explore the possibilities of a hangar ground lease, please reach out directly to our airport manager. They will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Ground Leases

Dreaming of building a custom hangar that perfectly fits your aircraft and personal specifications? We have several lots available for those who wish to develop their own hangar.

  • Available Lots: Our available lots come in various sizes to accommodate different design plans and aircraft types.

  • Get Started: Take the first step towards your custom hangar by inquiring about lot availability and development guidelines.

Custom Development

Interested in a rental, lease, or development? Get in touch today!

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